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Violin Edgar Russ mod. Stradivari “Hellier” 2017

Violin Linea Macchi mod. Stradivari

Violin Scala Perfetta mod. Stradivari 2017

Viola Edgar E. Russ 2004 Mod. Strad Mahler 40,5cm

My personal made Stradivari “ex Mahler” Viola 40,5.

If you know the ex Mahler viola from Antonio Stradivari, you actually have a quite different appearance. This because I made a few changes over the time. This instrument has been made in my previous workshop here in Cremona, in via Sicardo in 2004. Actually, I started to make this model when I still had my very first workshop in via Plasio 7 here in Cremona. First of all I made the scroll without the wide pegbox. A detail which makes the viola immediately more easy to handle. Second, I changed the quite long corners from its original shape to corners which are not easy popped off during playing and handling the instrument. The apparently particular choice of nice but not too deep flamed Italian Po area poplar, is the perfect choice to obtain a nice warm and still focused great projecting viola sound. For the top I used a typical Spruce from the Val di Fiemme which I have chosen, cut and splitter all by myself. In english I guess it is called “Hazelfichte”, in Italian “abete rosso maschiato”. You can see some irregularities on the straight years. Spruce with this characteristics has a higher elasticity and sounds therefore better. For my personal Master instruments I use my homemade (Cremona made 🙂 ) oil varnish with linseed oil and amber Interesting on this viola is for me that I did´t antique it at all trying to give a very natural modern appearance. The fitting is a Bogaro & Clemente boxwood fitting. I love the boxwood since it is light. Same reason I used the titanium fine tuner. The Eva Pirazzi strings are somehow the new string standard and that is why I pulled up these ones now. And I have been surprised how good they fit to this cute viola.

If you are willing to invest in a great looking and beautiful sounding viola, which is comfortable to play, this is the one!

Viola Scala Perfetta 2017 40,5cm

The Scala Perfetta 40,5 Viola is the best viola you can find for this price.

Listen to the registration and you will hear how healthy, big and easy the sound is being made. 40,5 is a very great measurement since it can be still played even by violinists without any problem. This is the size which goes the most. In order to get out the maximum of sound for such small size viola, I prefer to have larger upper and lower bouts. Similar as on my personal Ex Mahler Stradivari viola of mine. The choice of the maple and the spruce is excellent. Our perfectly shaped fingerboard helps to create every note to be perfect over all four strings. All four ebony pegs are perfectly fitted and make tuning a pleasure. This Viola has been varnished with our shop spirit varnish, intense red brown on a golden ground in new style. A viola like this is available in every size from 39cm, in half centimeter steps, up to 42cm

Playing with such a viola is a pleasure