Cello Linea Macchi

Cello Linea Macchi – 2011

Violin Linea Macchi with ivory fiorentine

Violin Linea Macchi, Stradivariano, with ivory fiorentine – 2011

Violin Linea Macchi

Violin Linea Macchi – 2011

Viola Linea Macchi

Viola Linea Macchi – 2010

Doublebass Mauro Macchi

Doublebass Linea Macchi – 2010

LINEA MACCHI, Excellent sound from Cremona.

I have created the Macchi Line in 2006 to satisfy a growing number of musicians looking for reasonable priced Cremona made instruments.
You will be surprised of it’s incredible good responding, easy to play and good projecting powerful sound. This is the result of many years of my experience in violin making and my ability to transmit it to the Violinmaker who work with me in this project of my Linea Macchi.
The top, ribbs, back and scroll are all hand made by skillful Violinmakers who I know personally and appreciate for their great craftsmanship.
The key points with greater awareness and difficulty are however made in my workshop in the center of Cremona in Via Mauro Macchi, in order to obtain a high quality instrument with Italian sound characteristics.
As a Master I establish for each instrument together with the makers I work together, the right arching and thickness of the top and back.
Further steps that have huge impact on the sound of the instrument, I take a lot of care are:
The correct position and fitting of the bassbar to guarantee great responds;
Neck position with correct angel to have a balanced sound on all four strings;
Perfect shaped fingerboard, well adjusted soundpost and a well fitted bridge;
All of this to obtain the best sound possible for each instrument.
And finally, following the old Cremona great masters tradition, the varnishing. this can be done antiqued looking, just like the old original masterpieces or in the Cremona new style with equal applied varnish.
Most musicians are extremely happy once they find finally their powerful sounding instrument in order to increase their performing.