Cello Fat Mara

Cello Stradivari personalized “Fat Mara” – 2011

Violin Edgar Russ ST

Violin Edgar Russ ST 2010

Viola Edgar Russ

Viola Edgar Russ nel 1993

My Master Instruments, Superbly made to obtain the perfection of sound

When I moved with 17 years to Cremona I never imagined how much violinmaking would conquer me. Violinmaking includes so many different aspects and therefor it is a never ending approach. I love it!
I use well seasoned wood which I choose personally paying attention to the correct direction of the grain. After I have chosen my trees in the Val di Fiemme, exactly the same area where the old cremonese Masters purchased their tonewood from, I split it by hand myself. This wood is seasoning for decades outside of town at my house.
I usually make copies of antique instruments which I like. Also my customers special request help me to discover new models. Stradivari Betts, il Cremonese, the decorated Hellier, Sgarabotto, a few personalized Strad models, the Guarneri Ole Bull, Lord Wilton, Ysaye, Sainton or the Carlo Antonio Testore without purfiling on the back, are my violin models I construct most frequently.

For my favorite viola I love to follow the Mantegazza as well as Gasparo da Salò or Camillo Camilli. I use to work after the Stradivari ex Mahler for the smaller shaped ones.
For my best sounding cello I modified the Stradivari Mara by shortening it’s length and enlarging it by 1cm in the “C” bouts. Carl Becker gave me that idea, and the result is a amazing sound with a nice focussed A string and a powerful rolling C string. Further I love to make the Andrea Guarneri copy loaded with toolmarks and strange kind of wood or the famous “Sleeping Beauty” from Domenico Montagnana with it’s nice deep red brown varnish on golden ground.
Every different model has it’s own personality. Just think of making the decorated Stradivari Hellier or a Carlo Antonio Testore. But still I am extremely aware of my personal taste and personality to be recognized on every single instrument of mine. This makes all of my creations an outstanding piece of art.
A well balanced thickness, a well fitted bassbar, a perfectly lined up neck in it’s ideal angle, an absolutely accurately fitted sound post with passion for this handcraft inside the instrument to help to have the the highest possibility of expression.
I mostly use oil based varnish for my master violin, viola, cello and double bass, in order to respect perfect harmony of my instruments appearance and it’s sound.
After more than 30 years of experience and thanks to the collaboration with best violin workshop worldwide, I have obtained a high command of my ability in violinmaking that you can see and hear the perfect harmony of skill and artistic sensibility.
A great and powerful sound that moves the soul of the audience because of it’ excellence in sound.
My best violin ever made in Cremona will be the next one made for you!