Musicians: Problem Solving via Live streaming

Whilst going live on my YouTube Channel I thought about musicians, who are also locked like me in their homes and need help from a professional violinmaker to deal with the idea to solve problems regarding their instruments.
Being a highly skilled and experienced violinmaker, international expert in sound adjustment,
I can help with your everyday struggles.
I started to transmit these Problem Solving transmissions every Thursday at 16:00 Italian time, with a specific topic. I soon understood that this idea has been extremely appreciated by musicians.
The #1 live streaming transmissions dealt with Tuning problems and how you can solve them. Watch it here!
In the #2 session I talked about the Bridge. The video is here!
The #3 transmission is about the Fingerboard issue. Click here to watch it!
For the #4 transmission, tune in on Thursday at 16 o’clock to watch it live!

I believe that this is a very powerful tool and it helps even more people in an extremely specific way, out there. My audience has been even from Nicaragua, Tokyo, Canada, USA, India and Europe. No borders.

This makes me extremely happy and I am convinced that people out there understand that violinmaking fulfills my life from the morning when I wake up until I fall happily asleep every night.
Thanks to all of you out there!
All the best,
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