Violin Guarneri Ysaye by Edgar Russ

Hello everybody,
Today I’d like to introduce to you my latest Master violin, a copy of the Guarneri “Ysaye”.
It was completed in 2021 and what I personally like about this violin is that it’s clearly recognisable as the Ysaye Guarneri, but someone who is also an expert of violinmaking can see my taste and craftsmanship behind it. I would describe it as a perfect combination between Guarneri’s model and my personal style.


The top is a haselfichte spruce from “Val di Fiemme”. It’s not as the original Guarneri violin, but I liked it very much for this kind of work so I decided to just go for it. This specific kind of spruce is a special one, known for its elasticity and superior acoustic properties.




The maple back is very similar to the original instrument and it is a one piece back with very regular flames:

This particular model of Guarneri is considered the “Classic Guarneri”, very unique for its C’s, its general shape and F-holes.

Also the purfiling and scroll have their own characteristics that make this violin very recognisable.












As for the sound, I would describe it as very rough and authentic, just like any Guarneri, but also balanced and surprisingly bright. It quite literally has everything you could ask for and can deliver character and strength. The strings that I chose to set on this violin are Thomastic PI.

You can listen to it yourself here:

I used an oil based varnish, as I always do for my Master instruments, and I find the look of it very convincing. From the very beginning I could feel that this violin wound become outstanding.

The set up is very similar to the original: heart shaped boxwood fitting:

Overall, I am very proud of the work I’ve put into this violin, it seems everything fits together very nicely in a perfect harmony.

Who would love this piece of art? Someone who is already an advanced violinist, even a professional aiming to have a modern instrument with a classical Guarneri imprinting or even a Guarneri enthusiast.

Hope you enjoyed this detailed description,


Edgar from Cremona

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