A.Stradivari "Mara"


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This is one of the few Stradivari "ex Mara" cellos I made. Few, because in late 2002 when I visited Carl Becker in Chicago, Carl gave me the advice to make my future cellos shorter and larger to obtain a better sound. Indeed once back from the US I modified this specific mould which became my "fat Mara" I used a lot in the coming years.

It somehow happened that I could have this specific cello back a gain since the previous owner changed it to a 7/8 of myself. It has been played a lot and some changes have been made. So I adjusted it a little and this is how it sounds right now. I am impressed and my desire to make the original Mara again propped up in my mind. Seems like that cellos right after they have been completed need some years to develop the right tone.

Listen here how a "old" Edgar Cello sounds when played by Marco Mauro.


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