Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty 1739"


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The Domenico Montagnana is a super Classic in the cello world.

Everybody loves its sound but the prejudice that it is too big keeps most musicians far away. This prejudice has been created because decades ago society tried to get standard in violinmaking. This has brought standard measurements and actually made comparing easier. Great for most except for the cello. Because a shorter cello body sounds definitely better than a standard longer one. And because of those old good days now everybody says quick: Ah, it's a Montagnana, too big for me and it wouldn't fit in my cello case. But the truth is that a original Montagnana fits in every standard cello case. The body length doesn't reach 74,5cm and all other measurements are pretty in the standard measurements.

Once you are over this prejudice step you are ready to jump into a new sound world. A big nice fat rolling C string and a beautiful A string that can make you cry with never ending power over all four strings. The pleasure of sound will hug you when listening. The best I can offer.

You will not regret it!


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