Cello - Scala Perfetta 7/8, Stradivari, Cremona 2021


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Too often adults play full size cello because as an adult you "should" play a full size cello. The size of the instrument should be choosen by your fingerspan rather your age or shoe size. I am happy to see that recently the request for 7/8 instruments has been rapidly growing. And as you can hear down below a 7/8 cello sounds great and you can hardly notice that it it is smaller. But once you hold it in your hands you feel how much more fun it becomes to play the cello when the size fits perfect to you.

 Interesting detail here are the Wittner precision pegs. They allow a perfect tuning with the pegs in order that you can use wooden tailpiece without fine tuners at all. This small detail helps to increase tone quality and enables the ease of tuning the instrument. Additional cost to get these fitted on your cello 200 Euro, wooden tailpiece included. 😉

This Scala Perfetta cello is a European product. It is made following Edgar's instruction after a over 20 year collaboration with a German violin workshop. Once the cello is made in the white here in Cremona in Edgar's workshop it is adjusted, finished and varnished.

Generally about this line of Instruments:

This line of instruments is designed for a musicians who are looking for a good European instrument at an accessible price.

Every instrument is carefully checked and sound adjusted by Master Edgar E. Russ:

"This is the result of many years to offer a great sounding instrument for a reasonable price. My main focus on this line is that it is easy to play, balanced across all four strings, and that it has a powerful sound. I want you to play on a great sounding instrument!"


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