Doublebass 3/4 - Edgar Russ, “Triennale”, Cremona 2015


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this is my personal master bass which I made in 2015 for the 15th. Triennale of Cremona. A Violinmaking competition which is very important and famous. In the category of basses there was no gold and silver price assigned.

This bass has been the best sounding one, and exactly for this reason I still feel to be the winner.

It is a great sounding bass with a large profound sound which fulfills the space where you are performing.

It’s flat back made out of pear wood gives you a quick responds.

also the ribs are made out of pear. The top is made out of spruce from the Val di Fiemme and is from the very best quality.

A: Yes, the Instrument you are choosing here in the webshop is exactly the one you will receive.
All instruments I offer here on my webshop are physically existing and available here in my workshop in Cremona, Italy.

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