Viola 41,5cm


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 This Viola has been designed all by myself. It is one of the few instruments of mine which I made from the very beginning completely new style. It is amber oil varnished and a great example that finally I found the right red pigments which do not fade out over the time. Because of a small wood inlay next to the lower corner of the back I never even tried to sell this instrument. I felt so ashamed and now after many years exactly this tiny spot at the back makes the instrument even more interesting.

Another tiny detail which I do appreciate on this particular instrument,ent is that in 1993 I painted the inside of the F-holes and the lower side of the pegbox with black oil paint. A temptation to finish the instrument as precise as possible. A detail you find very often all over the world. I actually stopped doing this a few years later since I believe that this has German origin but is not italian style. Another nice detail which shows my way of my violin making evolution.

So it actually has never been sold and for almost 20 years I gave it to my family members to play it. At the time my workshop has been transformed into a Ltd it became part of my private collection and is still my personal property. 

For me a precious instrument.

It really sounds very good. Listen here:

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