Viola 42cm


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This Viola has been designed all by myself. It is amber oil varnished and a great example of my craftsmanship from the 90ies. I made this instrument initially for a musician in Austria who played it for over 25 years every day in the orchestra. When he called me to ask if I would buy it back my mother took the opportunity to become a owner of one of my instruments and purchased the viola. Now you know from whom I learned how to invest. 

A nice detail which shows my violin making evolution is here to see: In 1993 I painted the inside of the F-holes and the lower side of the pegbox with black oil paint. A temptation to finish the instrument as precise as possible. A detail you find very often all over the world. I actually stopped doing this a few years later since I believe that this has German origin but is not italian style. 

For me a very precious instrument which is in private property of my mother; in case you would like to purchase it I will handle it for her and forward her the news that her Viola she bought from the initial musician in Austria has found a new owner.

It really sounds extremely good. Listen here:








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