"Edith Steinbauer"


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“Edith Steinbauer”

Prof. Werner Ehrenhofter has been student of Edith Steinbauer, and so the two of us went together in 1994 to visit the 93year old Lady at her home. At her age she still went all by herself to Spain on summer holiday and during my visit she showed me different ways to play on a piano. During the visit I saw her Jean-Battiste Vuillaume violin for the first time. Typical dark red varnish, perfect wood choice and a big powerful sound. I would not have thought at that time, that I would have recognized this specific violin almost 20 years later from 5 meters, while visiting Prof. Regina Brandstätter in Graz. A unique experience, an unforgettable violin.

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Listen here when Lena Yokoyama plays it here in my studio in Cremona:

Open and powerful!

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