Violin - Marco Dotti, copy of Carlo Antonio Testore, Cremona 2020


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Marco Dotti works now for already over three years with us in Via Mauro Macchi and he is constantly making. Here in my workshop, during lunch break and all the time he is at home. This specific violin here is a very particular instruments since the wood he used is not the common used maple which is used for ribs, back and neck. No, here Marco half the idea to use a very local hard wood which is called in Italian: Platano. I think it might be called in English: Platant tree.

The tree has been cut in 1999 in Parma, 40km south of Cremona, and has been seasoned for 20 years. It has been a violinmaker from Parma, Giorgio Gigliotti, who inspired Marco to attend the violinmaking school here in Cremona and to become a violinmaker. And it has been always him, Giorgio Gigliotti, who at a certain point gave this Platano wood to Marco, to make a violin out of it.

This is the result! a very interesting wood, slightly heavy but promising. Marco also made the tailpiece and the pegs and decorated it with gold.

Check it out and let me know.



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