Violin - Eau de Parfum


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Violin - Eau de Parfum brings you onto a sensual journey into the world of Violinmaking.

The fruity top note is reminiscent of the scent of wood and resins so characteristic of the violin making crafty process. Wood and resin create the dominant middle note of this perfume, which soon opens up revealing an unexpectced yet realistic deepness.  


Before visiting Grasse I had already heard a lot about the capital of Parfumemaking. Since then I have been even more convinced that every excellent Perfume is the masterpiece of a Createur de Perfume, exactly like in violinmaking each instrument bears the unique imprint of its maker. Such consideration led me to the decision of creating my own perfume, which would capture the essence of Cremonese violinmaking , the very same and unforgettable scent which envolopes my workshop and that has been noticed and appreciated by many visitors over the years. Violinmaking is my lifelong passion and it is with the same dedication that I have designed VIOLIN.

 Enjoy the secret

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