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Article: Weekly live from home

Weekly live from home

Weekly live from home

Weekly Live from home is my weekly live streaming Q&A

Since the lockdown started on March 11th I had the idea to go live on my youtube channel every Monday at 14:00 Italian time to answer all of your questions regarding stringed instruments and violinmaking.

These live transmissions give everyone the possibility to write their questions and received a proper answer by me, live.
I have been talking about the Italian violinmaking school compared to the German and Chinese, my opinion about searching diEerent materials than the ones we are using traditionally, what I think about revarnishing an old instrument or simply if I love the parchment under the E string; bass bar, sound-post, string choice, bridge, everything can be asked.

The variety of interesting questions which pop up in these live transmissions
is incredible and I enjoy it very much.

You can’t believe how nervous I have been the Krst two times and the Krst minutes where I am slightly lost!
After Kve live sessions there are many interesting issues discussed, where I revealed many precious details about my making.

Come and take a look at the past issues here:

Weekly Live from Home #1
Weekly Live from Home #2
Weekly Live from Home #3
Weekly Live from Home #4
Weekly Live from Home #5
Weekly Live from Home #6
he very first Monday after lockdown: Weekly Live from Home #7

For the next live transmissions I decided to start a new project: discover more here!

I really like the idea about it and I will do my best to continue after lockdown, atleast once a month!

Let’s keep in touch!
All the best and let’s keep the good work up,


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