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Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu´ "Heifetz"Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu´ "Heifetz"
Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu´ "Heifetz" Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
Guarneri del Gesú 1740 "Ysaÿe"Guarneri del Gesú 1740 "Ysaÿe"
Guarneri del Gesú 1740 "Ysaÿe" Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
Carlo Antonio TestoreCarlo Antonio Testore
Carlo Antonio Testore Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
Lorenzo StorioniLorenzo Storioni
Lorenzo Storioni Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù 1744c. "Sainton"Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù 1744c. "Sainton"
Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù "Ole Bull"Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù "Ole Bull"
Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù "Ole Bull" Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
Antonio Stradivari "Hellier" with decorationAntonio Stradivari "Hellier" with decoration
"Edith Steinbauer""Edith Steinbauer"
"Edith Steinbauer" Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù "Lord Wilton"Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù "Lord Wilton"
Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù "Lord Wilton" Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
Pietro SgarabottoPietro Sgarabotto
Pietro Sgarabotto Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
Stradivari 1725 "Chaconne"
Stradivari 1725 "Chaconne" Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
"King Schorsch"
"King Schorsch" Sale priceFrom €15.995,00
Viola 39cmViola 39cm
Viola 39cm Sale priceFrom €18.549,00
Viola 40,5cmViola 40,5cm
Viola 40,5cm Sale priceFrom €18.549,00
Viola 41,5cmViola 41,5cm
Viola 41,5cm Sale priceFrom €18.549,00
Viola 41,5cm, Copy of MantegazzaViola 41,5cm, Copy of Mantegazza
Viola 41,5cm, Copy of Mantegazza Sale priceFrom €18.549,00
Viola 42cmViola 42cm
Viola 42cm Sale priceFrom €18.549,00
Viola 43,5cmViola 43,5cm
Viola 43,5cm Sale priceFrom €18.549,00
A.Stradivari "Mara"A.Stradivari "Mara"
A.Stradivari "Mara" Sale priceFrom €29.999,00
Antonio Stradivari 1710 "Gore Booth"Antonio Stradivari 1710 "Gore Booth"
Antonio Stradivari 1710 "Gore Booth" Sale priceFrom €31.990,00
Francesco RuggieriFrancesco Ruggieri
Francesco Ruggieri Sale priceFrom €31.990,00
Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty 1739"Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty 1739"
Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty 1739" Sale priceFrom €31.990,00
A vision of a Edgar Russ' doublebassDoublebass 3/4
Doublebass 3/4 Sale priceFrom €31.990,00