Violin - Edgar Russ, Stradivari with Diamond, Cremona 2019


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This is a very exciting violin of mine since it is a new born and has already a nice story to tell. I made it in 2018 to participate at the XV Triennale, a violinmaking competition here in Cremona. I have used the best pieces of all my wood; well seasoned spruce which I have cut and seasoned myself over 30 years from the Val di Fiemme and a nice deep flamed and well seasoned maple from Bosnia. After the exhibiton I started to elaborate this specific violin and I stripped the violin and revarnished it slightly antiqued and decorated the violin with diamonds on the pegs and later I inlayed the 11 crystals mounted in white gold. Now I love it! It looks outstanding and it sounds exactly how I believe a great Stradivari should sound. Big deep and projecting without giving you the impression that there is a limit and beautiful at the same time.

Listen here when Lena Yokoyama tries to find the limit: 

A: Yes, the Instrument you are choosing here in the webshop is exactly the one you will receive.
All instruments I offer here on my webshop are physically existing and available here in my workshop in Cremona, Italy.

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