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Violin - Edgar E. Russ, Osmium Violin, Cremona 2022

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Edgar Russ

Master Edgar Russ has obtained a very high command and expertise in violin making. the result can be seen and heard. A perfect harmony of skill and artistic sensibility in all his works made out of 40 years of experience, constant desire of learning and growing and the collaboration with best violin workshops worldwide.  His violin, viola, cello and double bass are well known around the world. Instruments made by Edgar Russ increase constantly their value over the years, making Edgar Russ a distinguished Master violin maker.

How it sounds

In this video, the talented Lena Yokoyama tries to find the limit of this masterpiece.

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Every instrument can be customized in any possible way: inlays, engraving, initials, coat of arms, decorations with ebony or mother of pearl, gold leaf, gold, silver or precious stones.

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