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Article: Edgar Online Violinmaking Academy

Edgar Online Violinmaking Academy

Edgar Online Violinmaking Academy

Violinmaking for



Today I would like to introduce you my last mega project.
The launch of my Edgar Online Violinmaking Academy.

Edgar Russ is a worldwide well known and famous Violinmaking Master who works since 1984 in Cremona, Italy.
He is a great craftsman, Master and very much appreciated teacher. His ability to explain his craft, including many trade secrets, makes violinmaking finally possible for everybody.
Learning by watching and enjoying listening to Edgar’s explanations will give you the necessary inside view to understand perfectly where and what you need to pay attention to.
The entire process to learn violinmaking with Edgar is made up of three courses:
  • The construction Course
  • The Varnish Course
  • The SetUp and Sound Adjusting Course
You can purchase them one by one or all three together as a bundle.
But, how does it work?
  • The courses are made out of many short videos of approximately 20 minutes each
  • Under each video uploaded you will find space to share your journey and comments!
  • For beginners Edgar suggests you to watch up to three videos and take one week to put it into reality
  • For collogues and passionates who made already at least one instrument Edgar suggests to watch the videos all one by one and to review them once you are making specific steps during the process of building.
This courses are made for great professionals who understand that the process of learning never stops during your entire career.
Looking forward to welcoming you as one of my students!

All the best from Cremona,

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