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Article: Sound Investment: invest in a master made instrument!

Sound Investment: invest in a master made instrument!

Sound Investment: invest in a master made instrument!

Hello everyone and welcome back! 

I am Edgar Russ from Cremona and I make high level instruments, handcrafted from the Italian capital of classical instruments! 

Together with my higher quality instruments, I also have some entry level ones, so that everyone can get their dream violin, viola or cello for the price they want!

Among these insturemtns there are some differences: they seem to look the same but the questions you have to ask are important to understand their value 

  1. How was it done?
  2. Who constructed it?

This is actually the big point!

In the past I met some customers from Australia that were surprised they could buy good sounding instruments for a cheaper price than other ones. 

There are some instruments that you should buy because of the craft, of the age and the maker's fame and others that are good sounding but not a good investment! This distinction is important to understand and to know, when approaching the overwhelming world of instruments investments. 

First step I like to suggest is to be interested and passionate about the matter of instruments, otherwise you will never be able to obtain all the knowledge necessary to make great investments! 

It is similar to buying stocks: you know the firm, you believe in it and you invest in it!

The same is with instruments: you buy something because you love music, great sound and powerful cellos or violins. 

And even if you cannot play, take the instrument and ask someone to play it! Remember that a great instrument needs to sound good first of all!

Another thing is that only one thing is sure when investing: the past! You will have to accept a little bit of risk!

But I can tell you something: if something is going well and increasing its value for the past 40/50 years it will probably mean that it will be growing in time 

Let's say you are a student and you want to start your collection of Edgar Russ instruments: I suggest you taking a Macchi line instrument to start and once you want to upgrade your instrument you can trade it for something more precious only paying the difference. 

Just to give you an idea, I raise every year the prices and will continue to do so to maintain the value of the instruments growing.

I have customers that come back to me after years of owning the instruments and wanting to sell it... most of the customer end up not giving me the instrument and going as far as placing another order for a new violin or cello, to increase their investments! This tells you a lot about the quality of my instruments and the sound investment you are making!

I hope this information helped, if you are more curious have a look at my YouTube channel to know more about this matter: 

Greetings from Cremona, 
Edgar Russ


Hello, the link to " a Macchi line instrument " is broken

Antanas Vipartas

Thank you so much, it is a powerfull knowledge. Congratulations.

Antonio Galindo

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